Khan Academy on a Stick

Quiralidad y el sistema R,S

Are you right handed or sinister-handed? Have you ever thought that you might not be as attractive as you look in the mirror? Welcome to the world of chirality. In this tutorial, Sal explores molecules that have the same composition and bonding, but are fundamentally different because they are mirror images of each other (kind of like Tomax and Xamot--the Crimson Guard Commanders from GI Joe).

Chirality and absolute configuration

¿Espejito, espejito en la pared...cual es el estereoisomer más bello de todos? En este tutorial, Jay explica la quiralidad y cómo determinar la configuración absoluta en un centro de quiralidad.

Actividad óptica

En este tutorial, Jay explica el concepto de actividad óptica y muestra cómo calcular la rotación específica y exceso enantiomérico.

Diastereomers and meso compounds

In this tutorial, Sal and Jay define stereoisomers, diastereomers, and meso compounds.

Proyecciones de Fischer

In this tutorial, Jay shows how to draw a fischer projection and how to assign an absolute configuration to a chirality center in a fischer projection.