Khan Academy on a Stick

estructuras con forma de enlace en línea

Call them Bonds. Covalent Bonds. Smart chemists need time to stir (and shake) their solutions. In this tutorial, Jay explains how chemists use bond-line structures as a form of organic shorthand to skip time-consuming carbon and hydrogen atoms labeling. Watch this tutorial so you too can be in the Dr. Know.

Functional groups

In this tutorial, Jay puts the "fun" back into recognizing functional groups.

Formal charge and resonance

Cargas positivas y negativas están en todas partes en orgo! En este tutorial, Jay te muestra cómo asignar cargos formales a las moléculas y cómo dibujar estructuras de resonancia.

Oxidación y reducción

LEO the Lion goes GERRRR!!!! If that is all that you remember about redox from general chemistry, then this tutorial is for you! Jay shows you how to assign oxidation states in organic molecules.


Do you remember the basics of acid/base chemistry? In this tutorial, Jay reminds you of a few definitions, shows you how the stability of the conjugate base affects the acidity of the molecule, and demonstrates the importance of pKa values.